Patient Information

During your consultation

In order for us to perform a thorough and complete examination of your eyes, allow up to 2 hours for your appointment, especially if this is your first appointment with us. Remember to bring the following: A┬ávalid referral from your General Practitioner, Optometrist or Specialist as this is required for you to receive any reimbursement […]

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What to expect after eye surgery

You may have an eye pad on your operated eye after the procedure. Leave the pad in place until your review the next day, where we will remove it, clean the eye and check your vision.

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Before your eye surgery procedure

Before your procedure Most major eye operations will be performed as a DAY PROCEDURE in a DAY SURGERY. You should arrive at the allocated arrival time and expect to stay approximately two to three hours. PLEASE ARRANGE FOR SOMEONE TO DRIVE YOU TO AND FROM THE DAY SURGERY BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO […]

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