You may have an eye pad on your operated eye after the procedure. You will be seen the day after the surgery and the eye pad will be removed. Bring your post-operative drops with you and a pair of sunglasses or clip-on shades.Your eye may be red, irritated or watery following surgery. This usually improves over the first week, but it may take 3-4 weeks to settle down. Paracetamol may be taken for pain.Vision is often quite blurred straight after surgery and usually improves over 3-4 weeks. The eye takes 1-2 months to recover to full strength. After this your glasses may need altering to improve your final vision.If you notice worsening pain or loss of vision, your eye needs to be reviewed urgently at our office. If this occurs after hours, please attend Emergency at Westmead or Sydney Eye Hospital.WHAT DO I NEED TO DO AFTER EYE SURGERY?Eye drops need to be used for one month after the operation as directed.Do not get the eye wet with water during the first week after the operation. You may wash your face with a washer, but do not wash your hair if you cannot keep water out of the eye.Wear sunglasses when outdoors.

Plan to take at least one week off work or rest from major physical activity.

Avoid conditions which will irritate the eye such as sun, wind, smoke or dust. Avoid Swimming.

You SHOULD NOT DRIVE until you have discussed this with your surgeon.