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Glaucoma is a common eye condition and is a major cause of blindness globally. It encompasses a range of eye conditions where there is progressive damage to the optic nerve and permanent impairment of vision. Glaucoma is commonly associated with an elevated intraocular pressure and signs of optic nerve damage. These signs can be detected with an eye examination but may not cause symptoms until the Glaucoma is severe. Regular eye examinations play a crucial role in early detection and long-term monitoring of Glaucoma, allowing early treatment and prevention of potential vision loss.

Glaucoma Treatment

The treatment for Glaucoma involves lowering eye pressure to slow down the rate of vision loss. Treatment cannot reverse vision loss that has already occurred. Your surgeon at Nexus Eyecare will discuss numerous treatment options including eye drops, laser, and surgery. 

Glaucoma - Common Eye Condition

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Glaucoma and Dry Eyes

What is the link between Glaucoma and Dry Eyes? 
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