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Dr Phillip Myers

“Eye Surgery is always changing, always improving, but care for people is always the same”

Since commencing in private practice in 1994, Dr Phillip Myers has  overseen a
small solo practice grow into  multi doctor, multi site, comprehensive Ophthalmology
specialist clinics known as Nexus Eye Care.

‘Our philosophy is simple’, says Dr Myers. ‘Take good care of people and their eye
problems, and build a team of like-minded specialist who cover every aspect of eye
disease and surgery’.

‘There have been so many wonderful advances in eye care over the past few
decades, that it now takes the skill set of a team of doctors, not just one, to deliver
the best techniques available and keep up to date with the latest cutting edge
technology. Our team has doctors with Australian as well as international reputations
for research, Surgery and teaching’.

Dr Myers now specialises in Cataract Surgery. With extensive experience of 25
years in public and private Ophthalmology practices, he maintains a keen interest in
refining his surgical techniques and utilising the latest technology and medications
for eye treatment.

‘Seeing our team grow into a well organised and well respected group practice is
certainly a major achievement for me. And yet, it is still the person sitting with me in
my consulting room who remains my primary interest’.